About Us

Who We Are

Moroccan Corridor is an online market actor speciaized in Moroccan Fashion and tradition.

We are a Morocco based company with an active and effective network of contacts throughout Morocco.

Our mission is to tirelessly sourcing and exporting the Arts and Crafts of skilled Moroccan craftsman and making them available to the discerning Morocco lovers around the world.

We consistently strive to interpret and re-invent this category, to cater to lovers of Moroccan fashion from around the world.

What's special about us?

Our skill is to find, cultivate and support the skilled craftsmen of Morocco by promoting and distributing their marvels to the furthest reaches of the world.

Our team of expert buyers travel regularly around Morocco maintaining our close contacts with the network of skilled craftsmen, encouraging their creativity and ensuring the high quality of finished products. 

We engage in tireless effort to ensure that the items we source and market not only reflect the traditional heritage of Morocco, but are also of a consistent and reliable standard.