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About Us

Moroccan Corridor is a Moroccan brand of handcrafted fashion leather goods and textile accessories for interior design, inspired by the Moroccan Arts and Crafts.

The brand is owned by SYMARYN, a Moroccan company founded in 2015, in Tetouan, Morocco, and operate as a Manufacturer, a wholesaler and an online retailer of handcrafted leather fashion goods and home decor accessories handmade in Morocco.

Our mission

Bringing Moroccan ancestral know-how to the top, and giving it the worldwide recognition it deserves.

Our mission is to tirelessly exporting the Arts and Crafts of skilled Moroccan craftsman and making them available to the discerning Morocco lovers around the world.

We consistently strive to interpret and re-invent this category, to cater to lovers of Moroccan fashion and tradition from around the world.

What's special about us?

Our skill is to cultivate and support the skilled craftsmen of Morocco by promoting and distributing their marvels to the furthest reaches of the world.

We engage in tireless effort to ensure that the items we market not only reflect the traditional heritage of Morocco, but are also of a consistent and reliable standard.

The Label

The Label is crafted in small batches and made close to our hearts with passionate attention to quality, detail & attaining the perfect fit. Created in the canyons of Tetouan, Morocco, The Label echoes the 70's golden era. Drawing inspiration from old photographs, books, films, moroccan muzeums and old artisans memories, we seek to create something worth passing on for generations to come.

You can wear this vintage style piece knowing that you are carrying with you all of the memories and energy of a time when hair was long, love was free and the music was capable of taking you to a place you've never been before.



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