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Moroccan Corridor® has always maintained the highest standards in customer service and satisfaction. We believe in giving our customers the best. While you can always take our word for it, you don’t have to. Read what our customers are saying about us.
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Great experience. Really happy with my purchase

Beautiful But Smelly Tote

Impressed by the bag's aesthetics, but it's been unbearable due to the awful smell. I've tried everything - vinegar, baking soda, professional cleaning solutions- but to no avail. My experience has been deeply unpleasant. Buyer beware!

Unusable due to smell

First and foremost, this is a beautiful bag. It is very well made and quite nice. I gave it to my wife as a gift and she loved the look and feel. That said, it arrived smelling *very* strongly of cow manure. I tried everything (soap, water, baking soda, vinegar) to remove it, as well as good old air, and it remains as strong as ever. Because I tried to thoroughly clean it I could not return/exchange it, and because of the terrible smell my wife can never use it. Such a shame as it is a nice bag - if you get one hopefully yours will not smell remotely close to this one.

Great delivery

Bough this for my daughters BD

Stunning Accessory Must-Have

This bracelet is an exquisite piece of artistry. The intricate design is such a delight. The top-tier quality is reflected in every detail. It's been a wonderful experience.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Overjoyed! The quality of this portfolio surpasses expectations - truly excellent. It's visually appealing, resonating a feel of elegance. Customer service was outstanding, offering incredibly helpful assistance throughout my purchase.

Elegantly Functional!

This purse exceeded my expectations! It's not just aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly practical. With its robust material and smart design, it suitably carries all my essentials. I'm highly satisfied with this elegant piece.

A Stunning Accessory!

This bracelet is a real gem! It's exquisitely designed and adds elegance to any outfit. The quality is top-notch, and it fits splendidly. It's more than just jewelry, it's a piece of art! Love it!

Exquisite Craftsmanship

I'm truly impressed by the outstanding quality of this bag. The rich brown leather is top-notch and it has a classic yet stylish appeal. The design is spacious and practical for daily use. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Love this handbag.

Took about two weeks from my date of order to receive since it comes from Morocco. Very pleased with my purchase.

Love my bag

Polite helpful exceptional customer service. I have been asked about my bag many times and say to go to your website to see your beautiful bags.

Very pleased

I have used one of these coin wallets for years, and gotten compliments on it at store check-outs. My old one has finally worn out, so time to replace it. I decided I would buy extras and use them for Christmas stocking stuffers. The wallets arrived very quickly, with a handwritten thank you note. I don't know why everyone doesn't use these coin wallets.

Looks Good!

Quick Delivery!

Had to buy more!

I loved my first order of 2 blankets and a pillow so much I decided I needed more. The blankets are soft and so stunning. I bought the blue to represent the amazing Moroccan city of ChefChaouen. The colors are gorgeous as they are in the pillows. The owners of Moroccan Corridor have gone above and beyond in every way: very kind, excellent communication, quick delivery and constant support of local artisans.

Love the colors and handmade designs of these pillows!

If you read my other reviews you will learn that I am a huge fan of Moroccan Corridor. These special pillows are not only gorgeous in person but show the care and tradition of the local artists who made them. The colors and designs look even better in person. GREAT service.

LOVE this blanket!

Not only are the colors gorgeous but the blanket is very soft and adds so much color to my office. I have now bought three times from Moroccan Corridor. They are beyond amazing to work with, very kind and all of the pillows and blankets I have purchased are wonderful! And, the blanket is made in Chefchaouen which means a lot to me.


I purchased this item recently and the quality of the stitching, color of the material, and texture of the fabric all combine to make a wonderful work of art! There was a small issue with the shipping but that was quickly resolved with kindness and professionalism. I truly appreciate all the help and products from Moroccan Corridor.

Quality: Perfect

The decoration on the leather is very carefully done and with great design and variety. It's a pleasure to own. The construction is well done, especially an impressive full leather lining, and the overall quality is as perfect as you could hope for. Every item I purchased is as fine as it gets, so do not hesitate!

A favorite

This is one of my favorite items from a large order. I prefer the snap closure to the turn-lock because it has a smoother, lower profile. However, I must say I've been happy with everything.

Heritage Wallet
Ruby J. Becker
The classic.

You can't go wrong with anything in the heritage line. They have stood the test of time and convey Moroccan traditions in leather. Pieces will age well with use, which I'm looking forward to.


I would highly recommend purchasing ANYTHING from these beautiful people. Came quickly and efficiently, the owner emailed back with me, just overall 10/10.

Great Buy from Great People!!!

This is such a great buy, really, absolutely, for sure!!! 100%!!! It feels like an authentic item that I just picked off a real-life souk in Morocco. Have I mentioned already??, I am delighted with this purchase!!! And most importantly, I cannot help but acknowledge the brilliant customer service that this treasure trove of a product comes with. Thank you so much to the team @MoroccanCorridor :-))

Must Buy!!!

Fantastic look, and oh-so-useful!

A must buy!!!

Best Sliders eVerrrr!!!

Superb, Classy, Neat, Clean, Polished Look!!! I lovvvvve these sliders; they are shining bright like a diamond in my closet :-) 100%

Smaïn Leather Box
Nafiz Karim

Excellent craftsmanship. High quality materials. Beautiful well made wallet that will last a lifetime.



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