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Black Sabra Silk Ethnic Moroccan Pillow

Instantly refresh your interior décor with our handmade pillow covers, with hundreds of designs covering every color of the rainbow,




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Pillow Combos: Tips for decorating with cushions and decorative pillows

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Moroccan Handmade Accessories - Moroccan Corridor

Modern | Minimalist | Bohemian | Vintage | Eclecticism

Moroccan Corridor is engaged in household textiles. Our goal, providing premium household textiles and better shopping experience to customers. The main products are throw pillow covers and handwoven blankets, as well as leather ottoman/poufs and moroccan accessories for home decoration.

Each Product has a Story to Tell

We create home goods that will infuse your interior with the authentic and diverse beauty of ancestral craftsmanship. Each product tells a specific story through its unique design and the hands of the artisan who patiently crafted it. By blending traditional shapes, patterns and materials with modern aesthetics and colors, we create authentic yet trendy pieces that will bring that coveted twist to your space.

Moroccan Handmade Accessories - Moroccan Corridor



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