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Horsemanship, a 1000year old Moroccan tradition

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Horsemanship, a 1000year old Moroccan tradition

Horses entered Morocco three thousand years ago, while Arabian horses arrived with the introduction of Islam in the seventh century.  

The traditional Moroccan equestrian arts or "Altboredah" started since the Fifteenth century. The name of "Altboredah" came from gunpowder launched by the guns during the show, which is a group of ceremonial  rituals based on very deep-rooted principles and rules in most regions of Morocco.

There are various occasions celebrated by Moroccans where the art of "Altboredah" is present such as weddings, occasions in which the dress is consistent with singing and dancing, equestrian, sacrifice and fire .. in a harmonious context.

"Altboredah", a popular authentic Moroccan heritage. The researchers point out that this art provides pages of the history of the national struggle against the invaders and the resistance. Therefore it is usual that the Moroccan, in every occasion and holiday, celebrate this national art «Fantasia».

This art appeared in Morocco since antiquity, and Moroccans who had horses trained to «Altboredah» were respected and gloriously considered owners of the values of their tribe.

Traditional Moroccan equestrian arts glorifies heroic attitudes of knights, which they refer to in their songs and their cries glorifying the gun and gunpowder.

Knights are organized in circles around an elderly man, the head of Altboredah band called «Allam», and begin to turn around the ring, chanting a variety of phrases to remember the movement of resistance war, and then firing their guns in the direction of the sky.

Each group consists of 10 to 20 horsemen, very disciplined to implement «Altboredah» with accuracy. The «Allam» has the task of organizing his horsemen and encouraging them. The difficult task for the horsemen is to rein in the horses that are on a hurry to issue the race.

Upon entering the Square, the «Allam» announces the name of his tribe and highlights courage of his men. The cavalry, in a straight line at the starting point, waits the «Allam» to announce the start of the race. The horses start speeding over a distance of approximately hundred meters, during which horsemen demonstrate their skills, both in control of their horses to keep them in the line, or in terms of movements of their guns. The horsemen should  to put pressure on the triggers of their guns when the «Allam» mention this, because the success of «Altboredah» lies in the simultaneous shots of gunpowder.


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