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About Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen (or simply Chaouen) is a charming small town in the Rif mountain. Located at the foot of two mountains, Jebel Kela and Tissouka, it has also derived its name (meaning chefchaouen "the two horns"). Nicknamed "the holy city" for its many religious buildings, it also has probably the most beautiful Medina in the Rif area of Morocco.In this beautiful scenery of mountains, it is an ideal location as "base camp" while on holiday, since it is both the starting point for hiking, it is particularly quiet and relaxing there while having beautiful beaches nearby (50km magnificent roads). Chefchaouen: meaning The name consists of two words: "Chouf" which means "look" and "echaouen" the plural of "ech" in Amazigh, which means...

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