Legzira beach's cliffs

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We'll travel through a series of articles starting with this one through the beautiful landscapes of Morocco, rich with their intense and beautifully married colors, to better appreciate the color work in the creations of Moroccan artisans, that you will discover through the various collections of Moroccan Corridor.

We will devote this article to the ocher color, leather color par excellence.

This color is very present in the natural landscape, in the ramparts of the medinas, in interior decoration, and of course it dresses the very famous city of Marrakech, known as the city ocher

In this article we will take you to visit a jewel among many in Morocco, a range distinguished for its special setting: Legzira beach, located in the coastal town of Sidi Ifni.

Not only is stunned by the enormity of the beach, the sound of waves and fresh water drops that lie with the wind, but the most impressive is the array of three arches carved by the ocean, containing each a naturally drilled tunnel. Ocher rock archways carved by Mother Nature herself welcome visitors to Legzira Beach in southwestern Morocco

Years of high winds and waves have sculpted arches and tunnels in the ocher cliffs. Under a turquoise sky, the result is simply a feast for the eyes.



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