Pillow Cover Sizing Guide

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Pillow Cover Sizing Guide



For Most Fabrics For Heavyweight Fabrics Only
Fits 12x18 insert 11.5 x 17 11 x 17
Fits 12x20 insert 11.5 x 19 11 x 19
Fits 12x24 insert 11.5 x 23 11 x 22
Fits 14x18 insert 13.5 x 17 13x17
Fits 14x20 insert 13.5 x 19 13 x 19
Fits 14x26 insert 13 x 25 13 x 24
Fits 14x36 insert 13 x 35 13 x 34
Fits 16x16 insert 15.5 x 15.5 15.25 x 15.25
Fits 16x26 insert 15.5 x 25 15 x 24
Fits 18x18 insert 17 x 17 17 x 17
Fits 20x20 insert 19 x 19 18.5 x 18.5
Fits 22x22 insert 20.5 x 20.5 20 x 20
Fits 24x24 insert 22 x 22 21.5 x 21.5
Fits 26x26 insert 24 x 24 23 x 23
Fits 28x28 insert 26 x 26  25 x 25


 Please allow for +/- 3% tolerance on measurements. Minor variances do not affect the fit. Our pillow covers are human-made and measurements may not be exact down to the millimeter.


Please see below for general suggestions for common furniture types:*

Loveseat (2-seat) or low-profile sofas with short backs Fits 18x18 insert (17x17 cover) or Fits 20x20 insert (19x19 cover)
Full size 3-seat sofa Fits 22x22 insert (20.5x20.5 cover) or Fits 24x24 insert (22x22 cover)
Single chairs (small-medium) Fits 12x20 insert (11x19 cover) or Fits 14x20 insert (13x19 cover)
Single chairs (large) Fits 12x24 insert (11x23 cover) or Fits 14x26 insert (13x25 cover)
Large Sectional Sofas Use a mix of Fits 22x22 insert (20.5x20.5 cover) or Fits 24x24 insert (22x22 cover), and various rectangular sizes to add interest
Full size bed Use two Fits 26x26 insert (24x24 cover) or two Fits 28x28 insert (26x26 cover) across the headboard, plus a long size (Fits 14x26 insert (13x25 cover) or Fits 14x36 (13x35 cover)) to finish the ensemble
Queen size bed Fits 26x26 insert (24x24 cover) - use 3 across headboard, plus a an extra long Fits 14x36 (13x35 cover) size to finish the ensemble 
King size bed Fits 28x28 insert (26x26 cover) - use 3 across headboard, plus a an extra long Fits 14x36 (13x35 cover) size to finish the ensemble
Small benches or reading nooks or to add variety to larger pillow groupings

Fits 16x16 insert (15.5x15 cover) or Fits 12x18 insert (11x19 cover)

Note: These small sizes are decorative in nature and are generally too small to provide functional back support for adults.

* Please note that if you are unsure of the sizing, we strongly recommend that you purchase the inserts first a


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