Moroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman

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Moroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman

An essential piece in bohemian style home decoration is the Moroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman, made from genuine leather and hand-stitched with beautiful skill and detail.

First appearance of the pouf seems to date back to the 19th century and seems to owe its name to the pompous hairstyles dictated by the French fashions of that time. A relaxation accessory that, however, has much older and earlier origins than the aforementioned period. We think of the Ottoman Empire and the Arab world. 

A part of the culture in Turkey during the time of the great Ottoman Empire, pouf ottomans as a type of furniture was brought back to Europe through trade in the late 1700’s, during which time the word Ottoman and its French Equivalent Ottoman was popularized. A rather odd word for an item of furniture, ottomans have been named most obviously after the empire itself and the name has stuck even though a lot of synonyms have been derived along the way — poufs, haddocks, footstools etc.

In the Arab world, well before the date reported it was widely used to decorate and furnish homes. They were generally made of leather and provided inside them with fabrics that made up the part of the padding. Real giant cushions to relax mind and body whenever needed.

First poufs were born as royal seats or in some cases as footrests with squared lines and a comfort that is certainly not the best. Over the years this complement has undergone various aesthetic and functional transformations.

Moroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman

Authentic Moroccan Pouffe Ottoman are coated with a cowhide leather and accompanied by authentic and attractive designs. They are completely hand stitched / embroidered.

Materials used on it are very thick and long-continued which makes a seat outstandingly comfortable and cozy.

Standard measurements are about : 20″  x 14″ / 50 cm across and 35 cm in height (approx.), but exists also in smaller measurements.

Moroccan Poufs feature an embroidery on the top and a zipper on the bottom which makes the filling very easy. 

This pouf comes unstuffed. You can use old cloths or towels to make it as firm or as soft as you want. Henceforth, they also can be filled by using sponge, fiber filling, polyseter, newspapers. That creates a perfect shape that lasts for years to come. 

Moroccan Leather Pouf in Home Decor

When it comes to decor your cozy home in oriental bohemian lifestyle, poufs are a great way to add a touch of oriental beauty and whimsey to your rooms. Besides, they look especially great in bohemian spaces of your living room. If your rooms are filled with a mixture of multiple patterns, textures, and styles, a few colorful poufs would be a perfect accomplishment for your interior. Hense, they add an additional seating option without creating clutter. First and foremost poufs are wonderfully all-around, stylish and easy to implement in the home. And because they’re soft and handy, you don’t have to worry about getting them around and scratching the floor.

Create a splendid decor using poufs as footstools, seating, tables, or accents at home in any room of your house. There are different ways to decor your cozy home with our superb hand stitched moroccan poufs.

  • You can put one or two pouffes in front of a sofa or accent chairs, in the same fashion, underneath your coffe table for seating when you need it.
  • Draw together with your sofa table which would be well-composed or next to a T.V. Stand
  • Fold together two of them at the foot of the bed, in the home office, above all in the nursery too.


Being eclectic, practical, and statement-making we are very pleased to present you the authentic handmade Moroccan Poufs, a selection of one-of-a-kind antique Moroccan heritage accordingly.




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