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Moroccan Leather Pouf / Ottoman

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Moroccan Leather Pouf / Ottoman

An essential piece in bohemian style home decoration. The Moroccan Leather Pouf / Ottoman, often sewn by hand in Morocco and made of real leather, most of the time in goatskin (sometimes cowhide), are real small works of craftsmanship.

Moroccan poufs can be found in the living room as well as in the bedroom of adults or babies. Perfect footrests, these poufs also serve as a cushion for sitting on the floor, or for animals to rest. For a purely decorative accent, you can also put a serving tray on it and use it as a coffee table.

Table of contents

    I- History

    II - Moroccan Leather Ottomans / Poufs

    III - Leather Ottomans / Poufs in Home Decor

    IV- How to pick the perfect Ottoman / Pouf for your space

    V - Moroccan Corridor® Collection

    VI - Some Goods Ideas

    I- History

    Poufs are a relaxation accessory whose origins go back to the time of the Ottoman Empire and the Arab world.

    A part of the culture in Turkey during the time of the great Ottoman Empire, pouf ottomans as a type of furniture was brought back to Europe through trade in the late 1700’s, during which time the word Ottoman and its French Equivalent Ottoman was popularized.

    A rather odd word for an item of furniture, ottomans have been named most obviously after the empire itself and the name has stuck even though a lot of synonyms have been derived along the way — poufs, haddocks, footstools etc.

    In the Arab world, well before the date reported it was widely used to decorate and furnish homes. They were generally made of leather and provided inside them with fabrics that made up the part of the padding. Real giant cushions to relax mind and body whenever needed.

    First poufs were born as royal seats or in some cases as footrests with squared lines and a comfort that is certainly not the best. Over the years this complement has undergone various aesthetic and functional transformations.

    Prayer, by Claudio BRAVO [Huile sur lin (150x120cm) 1999]

    II - Moroccan Leather Ottomans / Poufs

    Authentic Moroccan Pouf are coated with a goatskin and accompanied by authentic and attractive designs. They are completely hand stitched / embroidered.

    Moroccan Poufs come in a range of shapes, colours and prices. The traditional round ones come embroidered or embossed, and the funky square ones are available outstitched, high-gloss and in rich natural shades

    Materials used on it are thick and long-continued which makes a seat outstandingly comfortable and cozy.

    Un fabricant de poufs, ca. 1940  Camera  Marcelin Flandrin

    Moroccan Leather Poufs Craftsman - Marcelin Flandrin

    II-I Round Embroidered Leather Poufs

    This Moroccan Poufs feature an embroidery on the top and a zipper on the bottom which makes the filling very easy. This style is made in the city of Marrakesh.

    The Tan version (Brown Caramel) is the most claimed as its color fits to evey decor.

    Leather Pouf - Moroccan Corridor

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    But you may find a rich variety of colors from pale to strong ones.

    Moroccan Leather Poufs - Yellow, Red and Orange


    The white version is also very popular. It was notably taken up by the painter Claudio BRAVO in several of his paintings: Prayer exposed in the previoups paragraph History, and also in the following ones.

    The Chilean painter Claudio Bravo, Very attached to Morocco where he settled in the early 70s. He first stayed in Tangier before passing through Marrakech to finally take up residence in Taroudant, and has always been said amazed and fascinated by "the composition of things" in Morocco in general. The light, the colors and the people of the country inspired him in his hyperrealistic painting style.

    Gandora Rosa, by Claudio BRAVO [Huile sur lin (170x120cm) 1995]






    Standard measurements are about : 20″  x 14″ / 50 cm across and 35 cm in height (approx.), but exists also in smaller measurements.

    Moroccan Leather Pouf - Round with Embroideries - Moroccan Corridor


    Cactus silk embroidey is a powerful tool in the hands of Moroccan craftswomen. They are able to imagine and create meticulously embroidered pieces, bringing together innovative design and ancient craftsmanship.

    II-II Round Embossed Leather Poufs



    This Moroccan Poufs feature embossed designs on the top and a zipper on the bottom which makes the filling very easy. This style is made in the city of Fez.



    The Pouf craftsmanship is inspired by the ancient culture of Morocco. The hand embossing consists of geometrical Moroccan Architecture symbols.

    II-III Round with Golden Motifs Leather Poufs

    Stormia is another kind of leather ottoman with golden motifs, a particular heritage of the city of fez.


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    This Leather Poufs are bright and colorful, giving life to any room in your house. They may be used as a footrest, an extra chair, or simply for decoration. Each one of these moroccan poufs is handcrafted in an arabesque style with a distinct color palette and geometric designs. It is embroidered with a medallion design and includes stitched details that provide a well-traveled touch to your room. 

    II-III Square Leather Pouf

    This is a great choice for decorating your house by spicing your interiors or rooms. You can also use the advantage of the squared shape of the pouf by resting a tray on top and turning it into a temporary side table, or as a footstool while watching your favorite movies.

    Leather Pouf by Moroccan Corridor

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    X large poufs are also available indifferent colors and shapes:

    XL Leather Pouf by Moroccan Corridor

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    II-IV Stuffing

    When poufs are imported or sold online they come in general unstuffed for economic resons. You can use old cloths or towels to make it as firm or as soft as you want. Henceforth, they also can be filled by using sponge, fiber filling, polyseter, newspapers. That creates a perfect shape that lasts for years to come. 

    More details about stuffing options are described in Moroccan Leather Poufs - Care Guide article.

    III - Leather Ottomans / Poufs in Home Decor

    When it comes to decor your cozy home in oriental bohemian lifestyle, poufs are a great way to add a touch of oriental beauty and whimsey to your rooms.

    Besides, they look especially great in bohemian spaces of your living room. If your rooms are filled with a mixture of multiple patterns, textures, and styles, a few colorful poufs would be a perfect accomplishment for your interior. Hense, they add an additional seating option without creating clutter. First and foremost poufs are wonderfully all-around, stylish and easy to implement in the home. And because they’re soft and handy, you don’t have to worry about getting them around and scratching the floor.

    Create a splendid decor using poufs as footstools, seating, tables, or accents at home in any room of your house. There are different ways to decor your cozy home with our superb hand stitched moroccan poufs.

    • You can put one or two poufs in front of a sofa or accent chairs, in the same fashion, underneath your coffe table for seating when you need it.
    • Draw together with your sofa table which would be well-composed or next to a T.V. Stand
    • Fold together two of them at the foot of the bed, in the home office, above all in the nursery too.

    Available in several colors and patterns, Moroccan poufs can therefore be accentuated perfectly with the main or complementary color of your decoration. As children love Moroccan poufs, we suggest you combine the designer pouf in white or fuchia leather with the decoration of the child's room.

    Moroccan Leather Pouf - White - By Moroccan Corridor


    Moroccan poufs go perfectly well with Cactus silk / Sabra rugs, both in pale colors and in vibrant colors. The beautiful patterns of Cactus silk / Sabra rugs complement the embroidery of Moroccan poufs.

    IV- How to pick the perfect Ottoman / Pouf for your space

    Poufs / Ottomans are unique furniture pieces that can add a bold statement to any room and fit any style home. Pair one with a club chair or a sofa to add a dose of function and style. From the very ornate to the simplest of designs, you’re sure to find a pouf / ottoman that is right for your living space. Here are a few things to consider before buying a pouf / ottoman for your home.

    IV-I Design

    Before diving into the world of poufs/ottomans, it is time to decide on the overall design. More traditional designs add simple comfort and style while used or vintage ottomans add a sense of history and warmth to the desired space. As an added benefit, ottomans with hidden storage are both functional and practical, especially for small rooms or apartments.

    IV-II Shape

    After choosing the best design for the size and style of the space, it’s time to narrow down the desired shape of the ottoman. The shape dictates where and how the ottoman will be used, so it is a crucial detail to take into consideration.

    Square: Square-shaped ottomans are generally the most common. They allow for the most placement options with a space’s current furnishings. Place this symmetrical-shaped ottoman in the center of a couch with two chairs on either side, and it can be the finishing piece in a vintage-inspired room.

    Rectangle: Rectangular ottomans allow for a wider surface area, meaning more space to rest feet and generally accompanied with more storage space inside the ottoman. These traditional ottomans can be found with the standard, tufted cushion top or in the cocktail style.

    Round: Ranging the most size-wise, round ottomans are sure to make a statement in any space. From the smaller pouf style, perfect for one person, to sprawling styles meant as a centerpiece for a collection of furniture, these pieces will make adaptable and inviting additions to any room configuration.

    Oval: Although less common, oval ottomans add an atmosphere of luxury to a room. The width is ideal to accommodate multiple people at once, while still being functional and visually appealing.

    IV-III Upholstery

    After the design and size have been determined, the real fun begins. Choosing the fabric will bring together the overall look of the space, so be sure to choose a color and print that tie everything together.

    Leather: This luxurious piece of furniture is sure to add richness to a room. Often times, leather comes in a brown tone, perfect for a vintage-inspired space, but leather ottomans can be found in black, as well as other colors, too.


    Suede: The feel of suede is unmatched, while the texture is truly unique. This is not a common fabric for upholstered ottomans, but it is one of the most luxurious.

    Fabric: Fabric ottomans allow for the most options in respect to patterns and colors. Simple, neutral tones add warmth with a vintage-vibe while bright, fun colors and patterns can be a bold statement.

    Whether an ottoman is a bright and bold centerpiece to the space or a more neutral, vintage piece, functionality is key. Before deciding on the perfect ottoman for the room, decide on how it will be utilized – This will help narrow down the vast array of choices available!


    V - Moroccan Corridor® Collection

    Leather Ottoman - White - Moroccan Handmade

    Explore The Collection

    VI - Some Goods Ideas


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