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5 good reasons to gift a handbag

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5 good reasons to gift a handbag

A handbag, here's a great gift idea! For her birthday, at Christmas or even just for fun! Giving a bag is a really nice gift to give. And if you doubt it, here are 5 good reasons to choose this gift for her! By the way ladies, if you want to be offered a bag, pass the message on.

Give a handbag because it's time

For 10 years now (at least), she has been walking around with this bag that she adores. So there you have it, she can't leave it while you just can't seem to see it on her arm! Her bag, once beautiful, shiny and proud now looks sad after having followed her everywhere ... But love makes you blind as they say ... So please her and free her from this thing by offering her bag a new beautiful bag that she can cherish for the next 10 years (at least) ... And, promise, she'll say thank you!

Handbag, a woman's best friend

"She already has plenty of handbags"… You think? However, more than accessories, handbags are real companions that we adopt and to whom we entrust our precious belongings. They follow us everywhere, in all our adventures from morning to night, at work or on vacation. So to give a bag to a woman is to give her a new traveling companion. One bag among many, maybe, but it'll be a bag that matters just as much and that she'll enjoy wearing with her favorite outfits!

Handbag: a gift that "stays"

By choosing the bag you want to give her, she will have a bag that lasts and will follow her for years! Of course you can decide to break the bank to give her the it-bag of the season (which you don't know what an it-bag is ?!). But by opting for a nice basic, you are sure to fill it for a good time!

A very personal gift

Look inside your friend's, your sister's or your mom's bag… and you will see how much the bag is a personal matter! Between the organized bags, the "bazaar" bags, hand cream for some, the idea book for others ... For a woman, her bag is a bit of a reflection of her lifestyle, of her personality. We asked our cool girls what they put in their bag ... and really each woman, her darling bag! Nothing could be more thoughtful than giving a bag to a woman!

Many choices to make the right gift

Small bag, bucket bag, leather satchel, mini purse… bags to wear every day for a casual or sometimes chic look. If you decide to give a handbag, the choice is yours! Just a quick tour of our ethical bags e-shop and you will see: between the material, the style, the cut, the color ... you will have as many chances to hit the bull's eye to please! So you see: a handbag is more of a nifty, beautiful and useful gift, right? And you, what will be the next bag that you are going to give away (or be offered to you)? 
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