The power of a pillow

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The power of a pillow

Instantly refresh your interior décor with throw pillows!

Refresh your accessories! Redecorating doesn’t have to mean getting rid of everything and starting with a blank slate. Hold onto your large pieces of furniture and add new throw pillows. You’ll be amazed at how decorative pillows in various colors, designs, and patterns are one of the easiest ways to refresh your room design and inject modern style into your living spaces. 

Introducing Our Throw Pillow Collection.

Each unique pillow style is made by hand in the textile rich country of Morocco.

They are carefully fabricated on age-tested wooden looms with techniques that have been passed down for generations.

This collection was designed to showcase the beauty of these handwoven textiles, featuring bold design, clean lines and fresh colors.

Each pillow is meticulously handwoven from start to finish by Moroccan artisans, bringing together innovative design and ancient craftsmanship.


Each piece has a soul filled handmade story to tell in your home.

New 'n' Tasty!

If a throw-pillow refresh is what you’re after, have a look at these standout options.


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