Blankets from Chefchaouen

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Blankets from Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen, the muse of painters and photographers, the Moroccan sapphire.

The first thing most displayed on walls in this fortress are the shades of blue, stretching all over the walls: azurin, electrical, lozenge ... A choreography of colors reminiscent of the sky or the ocean and enchants you from the first steps.

Blankets from Chefchaouen


Behind the majestic color, the second most displayed thing on walls in Chefchaouen is the stunning blankets and carpets. Made with sheep's wool, hand-woven, they serve as decoration in homes, hotels and guest house. There are also clothes, hats, plates and lamps, all in light industry.

Blankets from Chefchaouen


Chefchaouen is in fact famous for its hand woven wool items, dyed in bright colours that you won't see anywhere else in Morocco. The blue blankets are very famous and you will see them in many hotels and restaurants they use them for decoration.

I - About Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen (or simply Chaouen) is a charming small town in the Rif mountain (northern Morocco). Located at the foot of two mountains, Jebel Kela and Tissouka, the city has also derived its name (meaning chefchaouen "the two horns"). Nicknamed "the holy city" for its many religious buildings, it also has probably the most beautiful Medina (old city) in the Rif region.

Blankets from Chefchaouen

In this beautiful scenery of mountains, it is an ideal location as "base camp" while on holiday, since it is both the starting point for hiking, it is particularly quiet and relaxing there while having beautiful beaches nearby (50km magnificent roads).

Blankets from Chefchaouen

I - I Chefchaouen, the meaning

The name consists of two words: "Chouf" which means "look" and "echaouen" the plural of "ech" in Berber, which means "horn" pointing and often the top of the mountain. Therefore, the meaning of "Chefchaouen" would then "watch the horns" and more specifically "looking at the mountain tops."

Chefchaouen is nicknamed "the blue city" because of its small white buildings with windows and doors are painted blue.

I - II History

Chefchaouen was founded by the Muslims of Andalusia who had left Spain in 1471, and remained impregnable fortress resisted crawl Portuguese. Today it’s a touristic city carrying the beauty of the sky color.

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II - Weaving in Chefchaouen

Textiles are one of the oldest forms of art in Morocco, dating back thousands of years.

Chefchaouen is not an exception. The cold weather of this city makes people innovate in weavig blankets and covers, Men's Jilbabs, Women's aprons of wool, ... Each Chefchaouni gets the spirit of art and creativity, he can weave wool in bright colors and geometric patterns.

From woven artworks to tapestries, there are so many ways to incorporate textile artwork into homes in Chefchaouen, adding some visual interest and a boho-inpired vibe to the space.

II - I Blankets and Throws

Chefchaouen is famous for its woven rugs and blankets in bright primary colors. Chefchaouen's native handicrafts - wool garments and woven blankets - are not available anywhere else in Morocco.

Previously silk was the material of choice: the mulberry trees in Uta el-Hammam square are a legacy of these times. Most of the weaving nowadays is with wool, one of the area's biggest products.

The city is known for its colorful weaving, particularly the blue, white, and red-striped Riffi blankets, which are worn by most rural women in the Rif.

The most popular is the "Blue Sky" blanket - the kind with multiple shades of blue. The mixture of wool and polyester makes it a nice blanket for spring and fall or for the summer.




II - II Pom Pom / Tassel Pillows and Cushion Covers

Wonderful colorful pillows and cushion covers from the same material are available to complete your bed cover set. They can be draped anywhere and can be used on a bed, sofa of as a floor pillows. They are also fantastic housewarming and birthday gifts as they go with almost any existing decoration style.

II - III Textile Art for Wall

Chefchaouen is also famous in Morocco for its beautiful textile art for wall, made from the same material as blankets. The variety of textures makes it simply a beautiful work of art on a wall. Soft and airy, handwoven on traditional looms, they are used as a modern wall decoration for homes, offices or hotels. A perfect tone in Chefchaouen to any interior. They are also an excellent idea for an original present. 


II - IV Curtains

Curtains from the same material are available to complete your interior design.



III - Blankets in Chefchaouen's home decor

Orange Leather Tote Bag - Bohemian Morocco Tote by Moroccan Corridor
Orange Leather Tote Bag - Bohemian Morocco Tote by Moroccan Corridor
Blankets from Chefchaouen
Blankets from Chefchaouen
Blankets from Chefchaouen



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