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5 Handbag Colors for Spring 2021

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5 Handbag Colors for Spring 2021

How about brightening up our wardrobe with a colorful handbag? In 2021, we clearly need colors in our lives, so we dare the colorblock handbag! Yellow, turquoise, red, purple, green, orange ... You will inevitably find the flashy or pastel color that will best match your looks. 

Rounding out your outfit with a vibrant handbag is an easy way to add some joy to your look. Brightly coloured handbags and clutches can really bring some life and spice to an ensemble.

According to Pantone, the color specialist, "Illuminating" yellow is the flagship color for 2021. Orange, sky blue and lilac are also very popular this year!

To help you add some pizazz to your day-to-day looks, we have laid out five exciting handbag colors that are incredibly versatile and fun.


If you’ve decided to go with dark greys and natural shades for the office today and need to feel a little more “fashionable”, no problem — grab your cheery yellow bag and strut into the city feeling confident.


Yellow Leather Bag - Flower of Tetouan - Moroccan Corridor

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If a growing number of modern fashionistas choose yellow for this purpose, however, you need to know what to wear with a yellow bag, so that it does not seem superfluous.

Yellow is above all the color of good humor, pleasure, joy. It is associated with the sun, giving life, warmth and light. Pure and juicy shades of yellow are chosen by positive and creative people, as they stimulate mental activity and help to cope with blues, depression and drowsiness.

Psychologists say it is the color of hope and aspiration. In clothes it is better to combine with black.

The classic combination of black and yellow is style, self-confidence, and precise knowledge of your goals.

Looks great with yellow and gray. It will revive this noble and calm color and give it a certain depth.

Another win-win option - a sophisticated combination of lemon yellow and deep dark blue. Bright yellow indigo will serve as the perfect backdrop for yellow.  


5 Handbag Colors for Spring 2021

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Of light shades of white and beige are most suitable for yellow. It will not be lost on their background and will be in perfect harmony with the outfits of these colors.


"Orange, is the Happiest Color", Frank Sinatra said.

Orange Leather Bag - LSSAN Shoulder bag by Moroccan Corrirdor

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Orange is also one of the flagship colors of fashion for original ethnic bags that are fashionable in winter: down jackets, scarves, pants, accessories, sweaters ... It comes in all kinds of ways. The easiest way to bring it to your wardrobe, if you don't yet feel like wearing it as a garment, is surely choosing an orange bag. But beware, there are a few tips to know for a successful outfit.


Orange Leather Bag - Chkara - by Moroccan Corridor

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Orange was all the rage in the seventies and is back to fashion today to the delight of fashionistas! An orange colored bag has this ability to add character to your outfit and transform it into a fashionable and trendy outfit. An orange bag can add the finishing touch to a gray, black, white or brown outfit, whether it's summer or winter.

You can associate the shape of the bag according to your outfit, for example a large tote bag for the city or for the beach.

Orange Leather Tote Bag - Heritage tote by Moroccan Corridor

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Orange Leather Tote Bag - Bohemian Morocco Tote by Moroccan Corridor
Orange Leather Tote Bag - Bohemian Morocco Tote by Moroccan Corridor


Orange Leather Tote Bag - Heritage Tote - New Design - Moroccan Corridor
OOrange Leather Tote Bag - Flower of Tetouan - by Moroccan Corrdior


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But also the minaudières or the small bags to carry in the hand for an evening will be perfect for a chic evening or a cocktail party.Orange Leather clutch Bag - M'dina clutch by Moroccan Corridor

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Clutch bags over the years have become a very important and sought-after accessory. They are stylish and fit into every circumstance ir situation whether you're attending a social gathering or going on a short trip.

Orange Leather Clutch - M'dina Square Clutch by Moroccan Corridor
Orange Leather Clutch - M'dina Square Clutch by Moroccan Corridor
Moroccan Camel Leather Purse - Orange
5 Handbag Colors for Spring 2021

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Orange to add a vintage touch to your look. An orange handbag will be the perfect accessory to accessorize a retro outfit, such as placket pants or even a little straight dress that stops at the knees. The effect will be guaranteed especially if you wear brown, yellow, black or even white. Choose a bag with retro shapes and leather for the winter, if not a floral canvas bag for the summer.


If there was only one color to help you stand out in a crowd, then it would be red! Handbags in bright colors are a fundamental part of the fashion world and the trendy red handbag will undoubtedly always be in fashion. From winter to spring, the red handbag is always acceptable and always a good choice no matter what outfit and occasion.

The red handbag not only accentuates the outfit but also adds a touch of versatility to the look and style.

And never forget: Red is, as Bill Blass said, "The Ultimate Cure for Sadness".

Red Leather Bags - Moroccan Corrdior



If you’re rocking the monochrome black and white trend and want to add an extra eye-catching element to your outfit — bam! — a fiery red bag will make a huge statement.

Red Leather Bag - LSSAN Shoulder bag by Moroccan Corridor

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In summer, women can choose rather daring experiences, allowing themselves to be more vivid and expressive. The red bag can be a great accessory and complement a variety of images, from sweet and romantic to a bold and outrageous outfit.

When you go on vacation, you can combine a red bag with sailor-style outfits. Different dresses, summer dresses and clothing sets in white or blue will look great with a stylish red bag.

Business women can also use this accessory, combining it with a combination of beige or white skirt or pants. For everyday use, such a bag can also be relevant. It can be combined with white summer dresses, chiffon dresses or denim clothes. They are ideally combined with cocktail dresses of juicy summer flowers.

Does not exclude the possibility of combining red bags with winter clothes. It will look great with a sporty down jacket or classic style coat, asphalt, rich blue, bottle or black. Particularly elegant handbags look complete with red leather gloves.

The red bag will be suitable for fall and spring. A bag of a similar style that is very elegant will go well with a monochrome cardigan or a black coat. If you choose a lucky star that complements the image, you can put the necessary accents.


Red Leather Bag - Medaillon - Moroccan Corridor
Red Leather Bag - Creation of Marrakesh - by Moroccan Corridor


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In the 1970’s, a sky-blue gem poked its way into the world of fashion, and it was warmly embraced by the American Southwest. This collectible stone has since become a staple in Western fashion.

 Leather Bag - Turquoise color - LSSAN Shoulder bag by Moroccan Corridor

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Turquoise color create a bright atmosphere and bring it to its owners


5 Handbag Colors for Spring 2021
5 Handbag Colors for Spring 2021


 What colors blend well with turquoise?

The trick is to pair it with other natural colors—think neutral shades, wood tones, and darker shades of blue. You can also pair turquoise with one or two complementary colors (those colors opposite turquoise on a color wheel), like coral or tangerine.

Leather Bag Turquoise - LSSAN Shoulder bag by Moroccan Corridor

Turquoise Color mix with Brown - Leather Bag

Turquoise color pairs pretty well with some bold colors.

Yellow and turquoise are a great example– have you ever thought about how to use them? These are completely different colors and have nothing to do with each other chromatically. But while yellow and turquoise are opposites, together they can create a wonderfully bold style.

Leather Bag - Turquoise with Yellow Embroidery

Leather Bag - Turquoise with Yellow Embroidery



Associated with the plant world and nature, green is a color that has soothing, refreshing and invigorating virtues whatever its shade. 

5 Handbag Colors for Spring 2021

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It started with Emerald a couple of years ago; olive-green and khaki have been popular too. 

 Green Emerald Leather Bag - LSSAN Shoulder bag by Moroccan Corridor



Green Emerald Leather Clutch Bag - Kharrazine Wristlet - Moroccan Corridor
Green Emerald Leather Bag - LSSAN Embroidered Shoulder Bag - Moroccan Corridor


Green is Unexpected – it is new and fresh. It’s different and different turns heads.

Green is Grounded – Green communicates harmony and calmness, so it’s a great color to wear to look relaxed approachable.

Green Emerald Leather Bag - Kharrazine Clutch Bag - Moroccan Corridor

Green Emerald Leather Bag - Petite Berbere Bag - Moroccan Corridor
Green Leather Bag - LSSAN Shoulder Bag - Moroccan Corridor

 Jeblia Leather Tote Bag - Embroidered - Green


Flashy colors are back in fashion ... You can just add a bright touch to your casual and neutral outfit like an orange bag, and the result will be ultra-trendy.

Multicolor Bag

Another option for your bag for this spring / summer is to adopt a multicolored bag and push the limits of daring!

 Multicolor Bag - Orange Red Green Leather BagMore About The Product

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