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Coronavirus, Public Health Emergency in Morocco and Impact on Shipping

The Moroccan government extended the Public Health Emergency State in Morocco until May 20, 2020.

Therefore, we are extending our temporar closing of all our stores and workshops until May 21, 2020. Shipping activities will thus be delayed to  the the end of the Public Emergency State in Morocco, expected for May 21, 2020.

For this reason, we ask our kind customers who wish to have their orders delivered before the state of emergency is lifted, to refrain from placing online orders until the shipping services are resumed, unless you don't mind to wait until the end of the lockdown in Morocco.

Our focus remains on supporting the health and livelihood of our employees, while caring for our customers and communities.

Caring for Our Team

Under Moroccan Corridor.’s Continuous Pay Policy, we will provide our impacted artisans with pay continuity and benefits during this two-week period.

Moroccan Corridor.’s response to dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is closely aligned with recommendations outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO)  as well as Moroccan government decisions.


Optimism has always been a key value for us, and we believe that if we take care of each other, we’ll come through this stronger together.
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