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Timeless Black and White Bedroom Accessories

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Timeless Black and White Bedroom Accessories

No problem with a decoration in black & white mode

Is “black and white” a style that inspires you and the one you want to adopt for your interior or your bedroom? Good idea: sometimes modern, sometimes classic, black and white allows all the daring and all the excesses!

Modern Eclectic Vibes in the Downtown Home of Dimepiece LA on Apartment TherapyModern Eclectic Vibes in the Downtown Home of Dimepiece LA on Apartment Therapy

In terms of decoration and furnishings, you have the choice, but it is sometimes difficult to decide! So how do you apply a black and white decoration without making mistakes? How to create a harmonious atmosphere with two totally opposite colors? Here are some tips and advice for a successful two-tone decor!

I - The right black & white mix

In order for your bedroom not to be too dark, you need to be careful to properly balance black and white. Too much black color in a bedroom will make it too dark, it is better to use too much white than black. You have to try to find the right balance between the softness of a white and the harshness of too dark a black to create the perfect mix.

II - Opt for quality bed linen

Having good quality bed linen is important if you want to sleep well, but also if you do not want it to “go wrong” in the middle of your pretty decoration. Indeed, the bed is the main element of a bedroom and therefore the main element of a successful decoration.

III- Don't forget the patterns

Cushions, lamps and rugs are the decorative elements you can bet on to add patterns and relief to your room. It will also prevent you from having an environment that is too dull. In the children's room, lots of patterns are welcome to wake up the space. In addition, associated with a black and white decoration, the space will be perfect to accommodate a little girl as well as a little boy.

III - I Black and White Stripes

You've probably already noticed that a pair of black and white striped sofas steals the show in a living room

Using monochrome stripes on larger furniture can be a brave but successful decision when these are offset by glossy white walls and natural herringbone flooring.

The pattern can be contemporary, but with classic details like the vintage style of the chandelier and the original ottoman / footstool details all create a classic look that won't date quickly.

Looking for more black and white striped blanket ideas? Check out our Blanco Y Negro collection here.

III - II Black and White Design Patterns

When using black and white patterns, consider scale as well: the cushion for example uses a large scale pattern while the floors use a smaller one. Varying the size of the patterns will make combining them easier, creating a vibrant look that’s still easy on the eye.

III - III Accumulate cushions and blankets

To complete your cocooning decoration, multiply the soft cushions and blankets! We bet on a collection with different sizes, textures, prints. Accumulated here and there, they will make the bedroom less smooth for a dream cozy interior.



For plaids and bedspreads, choose soft, warm and comfortable textiles such as velvet, wool or lighter weight such as cotton or linen.

Tip: Place XXL cushions at the foot of the bed for an ultra welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

III - IV Arrange a blanket on your bed to reinforce the cocooning side

The plaid is a key element for a successful cozy bedroom. We favor soft materials that can be changed over the seasons. Faux fur, woolen, knit, velvet in winter and linen, silk, cotton very pleasant in warmer seasons. Opt for enveloping pastel colors that happily rub shoulders with these very soft materials.


Pom Pom blankets are either striped or simples:

III - V Rugs

Does your bedroom seem sterile and lacking in heat? Add a groundsheet: decorative, soft and practical! There is a huge variety of rugs in different styles and colors that will beautify your room and your feet will be warm!

III - Dare the black and white bedroom

Blankets, cushions, throws, rugs and natural materials are the keys to a chic decor that reflects your image and at a lower cost! Explore the Blaco Y Negro collection for a wider idea about

Black and White Decorative Pillows and Cushion Covers | Moroccan Corridor

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How will you be using black and white in your home this year? We’d love to see! share your pics on  Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using #moroccancorridor for your chance to be featured in our online gallery!

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