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Should you match the wallet with your women's handbag?

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Should you match the wallet with your women's handbag?

We know of course the importance of associations when it comes to style, whether we are talking about the outfit, shoes but also accessories, such as handbags and wallets for women.


Red Leather Tote Bag and Wallet


But now a question arises: is it necessary to tune all these elements, and more specifically with regard to the wallet and the purse? Let's see the pros and cons: then we'll tell you our personal preference;)!

Match the women's wallet with the handbag for a studied look

Any fashionista knows it: the outfit is not the only one to be taken into account. Wallets and card holders are therefore fully considered. Synthetic fabric, velvet: we find it in many different materials, shapes and colors. A first option is therefore to take into account these various criteria to achieve the perfect combination.

It is also a desired choice on the part of major brands, which sell handbags and wallets in the same collection, sometimes even offering the latter. It's an all-in-one solution that saves you time, but we are ready to bet that a little research will allow you to find a more original agreement!

How to match wallet and purse?

Let's see this in detail. As you were told, several characteristics come into consideration:

  • The shapes: bucket bag, satchel bag, shoulder bag ...
  • Sizes: tote bag, small, medium and large handbags, wallets, card holders ...
  • Colors and patterns: black, neutral or colored wallet and bag ...
  • The materials: wicker, textile, velvet wallet and bag….

By playing on these elements, many combinations can be achieved!


Leather Bag - Natural Beige








Explore more styles and colors in this collection of leather wallets.

Leather Wallets - Moroccan Corridor

Explore the collection


Good reasons to mismatch

Matching a woman's wallet and handbag is therefore a possibility… but it is not the only one! And on our side, we do not hide it from you, it is our preference.

1. It's fashion, my darling!

We may actually put the mismatch as THE sign of a modern outfit. You can therefore give free rein to your desires, by including a large wallet in a small bag, or by making close associations.

2. Greater freedom of choice

Wanting to match wallet and handbag at all costs can quickly become a constraint, more than a pleasure. So you can let go of a little ballast, and why not, mix the two styles. A small handbag and a small wallet, yes, but why not mix up the colors and patterns?

3. Think "practical"

It is entirely possible that you have more than one handbag, depending on the season or the outfit. If this is the case, it already means transferring things from one bag to another, a somewhat time-consuming process. But now imagine you have to do the same with the wallet! Coins, bank and loyalty cards, driver's licenses… All of this will take some time. For this reason, it is preferable, again, to mismatch. If you have several handbags for women, choose a relatively neutral wallet in terms of colors / patterns, which will allow it to be more "go-anywhere".



The LSSAN handbag can, for example, be paired with the brown Club Morocco card holder - a perfect combination in terms of sizes and colors!



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