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Moroccan Leather Poufs - Care Guide

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Moroccan Leather Poufs - Care Guide

An essential piece in bohemian style home decoration is the Moroccan Leather Pouf / Ottoman, made from real leather and hand-stitched with beautiful skill and detail.

Moroccan poufs are not only furniture, but also art. They’re made from soft goat leather, hand painted and dried it in the blazing sun of Marrakesh. The leather is then cutted and hand stitched, and finally finished with silk embroidery to show off expert craftsmanship.

Poufs are usually sold unstuffed to save for shipping cost.

Moroccan Leather Pouf - Stuffing

You can fill your pouf with a variety of materials depending on the kind of finish you wish to achieve, from polystyrene balls or plastic bags, to old clothing & fabrics. It is an eco-friendly way to use up recyclable materials from around your home.

For a comfortable pouf it is recommend to use Polyester Ball Fiber Filling.

For eco filling you can use old clothes, blankets, pillows, towels or just newspapers.....

Recycled materials

For a soft and light beanbag-style finish use polystrene balls, foam chips, newspapers or plastic bags.

For a firm finish use heavier materials like cotton, felt, or wool fibres; old bedding, old clothes, towels, blankets and shredded foam work well. Materials will bed down over time and more filling can be added by the zip on the under side.

Keep in mind that you'll need to go with a firmer filling if you want to use it as accessory seating so that it is able to easily support the weight without losing its shape. If you're not sure, just go with the firmer options.

Alternatively, a local furniture upholsterer should also be able to sell you some suitable stuffing.

Step by Step | How to Stuff Your Pouf

  1. A golden rule to keep in mind: The secret to a good looking Moroccan pouf is a tightly packed stuffing.

  2. Choose your materials, make sure they are clean & dry.

  3. Unzip the pouffe & open it out to its full shape.

  4. Gradually fill around the edges so all the small spaces are fully stuffed (this prevents lumps and bumps).

  5. Continue to stuff evenly, add a layer of material then push down firmly, and repeat until the pouffe is full.

  6. Avoid over-filling your pouffe as this puts strain on the zip when closing.


  • Make sure your pouf is overflowing before you zip it closed. As you use it the first few times the stuffing will compact.
  • Make sure that all the edges and corners in particular are well supported so your pouf stays us strong. Push the filling to these regions as you go along.
  • If ever you're not happy with how your pouf look, just open it back up and work the stuffing around or add material. Do this until your pouf looks just like you want!

Moroccan Leather Pouf - Care instructions

Leather Cleaning instruction :

Never wash your leather pouf with water. Instead, take a clean, dry cloth and gently wipe it down any time there’s a spill, pet hair, or other mishaps on the pouf.

Once every 6 to 12 months, take a leather conditioner that you can find at any local leather goods store and apply it to your pouf to help keep the leather in its virgin condition much longer.

Avoid using soap, excess water and direct sunlight.


Do not store it in dry places (will cause it to rot) or in places with high humidity.

Color evolution:

If your poof is in it natural color, you can change the color to a lovely darker brown by filling it and exposing to sunlight. The light will change the poof color. It will take a while depending on your sum. If good sun left outside maybe 1 to 3 weeks to get a good tan.

Moroccan Leather Pouf in Home Decor

When it comes to decor your cozy home in oriental bohemian lifestyle, poufs are a great way to add a touch of oriental beauty and whimsey to your rooms.

Besides, they look especially great in bohemian spaces of your living room. If your rooms are filled with a mixture of multiple patterns, textures, and styles, a few colorful poufs would be a perfect accomplishment for your interior. Hense, they add an additional seating option without creating clutter.

First and foremost poufs are wonderfully all-around, stylish and easy to implement in the home. And because they’re soft and handy, you don’t have to worry about getting them around and scratching the floor.

Create a splendid decor using poufs as footstools, seating, tables, or accents at home in any room of your house. There are different ways to decor your cozy home with the superb hand stitched moroccan poufs.

  • You can put one or two pouffes in front of a sofa or accent chairs, in the same fashion, underneath your coffe table for seating when you need it.
  • Draw together with your sofa table which would be well-composed or next to a T.V. Stand
  • Fold together two of them at the foot of the bed, in the home office, above all in the nursery too.


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