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LSSAN Bags, by Moroccan Corridor™

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LSSAN Bags, by Moroccan Corridor™

LSSAN - لسان

The word LSSAN comes from the Arabic word LISSAN which means "Tongue". LISSAN is pronounced LSSAN in the dialects of North Africa, especially in Morocco.

With its special shape, where the lower part of the front of the bag looks like a tongue, the choice of the name LSSAN for this collection were naturally obvious.

The LSSAN collection is inspired by the Moroccan tradition of leather, where craftsmen excel in artistic representation on leather, through geometric signs, the Amazigh alphabet (Berber) or simply by drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse nature of the country.

The LSSAN collection is a collection of Impressive handmade bags made of premium calf leather, with so intricate yet classic hand tooling.

Executed in ethnic style, the bag craftsmanship is inspired by the ancient culture of Morocco. The hand embossing consists of geometrical Moroccan Architecture symbols and culture folk. The hand-embossed detailing adds character and charm to this shoulder/crossbody bag.

In addition to the traditional patterns, the bag is hand stitched at the edges with leather laces.  This bags are a Great gift for true connosseuers of quality, handwork and distinctive style.

The LSSAN bag has one big compartment, two internal zip-pockets, one internal slip pocket and one under flap button pocket.This particular bag is big enough to carry everything you need for a day out, including a regular sized iPad. 

The leather is firm and there is no concern that the bag will lose its lovely shape. The embossing is flawless, and the flower/tree and other geometric depictions are magical, like a tapestry from Camelot-like days gone by. Intricately crafted and artistically beautiful.

LSSAN shoulder bags are availabke in two dimensions:

  • Medium size: W21 D8 H20 cm / W8 D3 H7,8 inches
  • Large size: W28 D9 H26 cm / W11 D3,5 H10 inches

LSSAN bag has ab adjustable shoulder belt (140 cm/55")

Very sturdy thick leather, beautifully tooled, well made, and holds everything you need. Each piece created is meticulously done. The attention to detail with matching the pattern throughout and the amazing design make this bag such a unique, well crafted piece of art. If you are a leather goods lover this is the bag for you.

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