Trends pass, the black handbag remains

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Trends pass, the black handbag remains

Women still often choose black when shopping for a leather bag. And you? It's a fact, the black leather bag remains, for women, the ultimate choice when it comes to handbag. A curious conformism at a time when most collections of leather goods and ready-to-wear brands offer a profusion of sometimes surreal tones and colors, responsible for embodying the modernism, dynamism and positivity of the time.


Black Leather Bag


Black, their favorite color for a bag!

After all, it may not be that simple in the female mind; what appears as a herd and boring code to some may be felt by others as the assumed and consistent choice of a beautiful women's bag as she imagines it, that is to say in black. Indeed, the black leather woman's bag can just as easily be this beautiful classic color which gives elegance to a black patent or crocodile-style handbag with its small metal clasp:

Trends pass, the black handbag remains

Trends pass, the black handbag remains
Trends pass, the black handbag remains


While it also readily adopts a tone, gently rebellious through a rock-style studded black leather bag, 

Dare the bohemian chic trend, with a black fringed bag! It will give a hippie chic touch to all your outfits in summer and winter. 🙂 The bi-material trend is timeless, opt for a black leather and suede bag that will give chic to your casual outfits. And if you are not shy, and printed leathers hold no secrets for you, adopt without delay a beautiful black crocodile-style leather bag !. The crocodile leather purse is a rock chic piece that will enhance any outfit


Trends pass, the black handbag remains

And if you are not shy, and printed leathers hold no secrets for you, adopt without delay a beautiful black embossed leather bag! The embossed / carved leather purse is a rock chic piece that will enhance any outfit.
Trends pass, the black handbag remains
Or finally an authentic and relaxed style for a woman's handbag in black and mat leather dressed in an original skin.


Trends pass, the black handbag remains


A wide variety of black tones for feminine bags

In the same relativistic spirit, we can complete the subject by exploring the color itself; black, yes, but what black? It has not escaped you that a color has multiple shades that will not give at all the same result depending on whether it is intense or light, with transparency effect or not, associated with another tone, or patinated, powdery or flat without effects.



The texture of the leather will also have a real influence on the rendering and we will not have at all the same impression between a satin patent leather of a classic box-calf bag, a uniform color on a quilted quilted, a matt grained appearance on a soft Italian leather bag or the great sensuality of the veins of bubble lambskin, for example. There are so many leather finishes today that your very expensive and famous little black bag could well come in dozens of all different versions.

The color black plays with fashions and codes

As you can see, you don't have to be "Gothic," Luciferian, Halloween fan, or Jackie Kennedy look-alike to adopt black. A universal color, black lends itself to many styles and fashion trends in addition to being a beautiful classic and timeless color. It's the bag with a thousand faces, a bit like a woman who goes from one mood to another with feminine agility.

Trends pass, the black handbag remains
Trends pass, the black handbag remains



In fact, there are many examples to show that black responds to quite different social codes depending on the individual and in such varied variations that only the perception that one has personally will arbitrate the choice. Yes, human beings are complex and their choice of color in fashion and leather goods is a good illustration of this.


The essential accessory to have in your dressing room

Besides this complexity, women rarely have a single good quality handbag in their wardrobe. Black will then be part of the universe of Madam's accessories, just like other colors, and buying a black leather bag will then be the normal renewal of part of her clothing register to happily match. certain outfits whose color or style requires a neutral, classic, elegant, or rebellious tone depending on the circumstances. What black does very well.

The perfect match with your outfits or your shoes

We must also address the idea of ​​harmonizing the color of the handbag with the various outfits and shoes that we already have. It is true that black has this gift of agreeing with a large number of colors, so it is also a simple strategic choice which will often impose itself as the best and which can simplify one's thinking when trying to choose which one. color will be her next bag without having to renew part of her wardrobe.


Black Leather business bag to complete the look

The business bag in leather is a practical and classy accessory, perfect to mark the working days both for her as well as for him. It is a perfect complement for both men and women, in fact: a comfortable and roomy bag for a classic and timeless look that allows to face your business appointments bringing with you everything you need.

You will find the leather business bag in the version with adjustable shoulder strap, easy to carry with you, even on a bike, with various compartments (mobile phone holder, pens, documents), with details and metal closure that embellish the look and guarantee maximum security.

For those who prefer the practicality of the handles, the “hand” variant present an appreciable elegance and a good dose of style, for him and for her. Even the “folder” model, more vintage and always refined, does not betray the best features of leather accessories: functional, durable and classy.


Trends pass, the black handbag remains


The document folder in leather, in any model, is a detail that makes the difference and completes the outfit by offering the possibility to always have documents, diary and essentials for your business at hand, without giving up that touch of sought-after beauty that only leather can give.

Trends pass, the black handbag remains



The black leather bag for women is therefore not a style but a transversal universe in itself that can embody the many facets of women's fashion. A priori, therefore, we cannot enclose it in a particular meaning. On the other hand, we can notice that it is still very trendy among women. And you, why do you like black for your bags? 

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