Leather Wallets made in Morocco

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Leather Wallets made in Morocco

According to Wikipedia: "Morocco leather is a soft, pliable form of leather widely used for gloves and the uppers of ladies' shoes and men's low cut shoes, but traditionally associated with bookbindings, wallets, linings for fine luggage, and the like."

Leather wallets are a traditional accessory for men and women. Moroccan Leather Wallet brings an exotic air of wanderlust to the classic Wallets. Crafted from soft leather with spliced lather patchwork detail inspired by the beautiful colours of the Moroccan landscape.

In the morocan tradition we find several wallet designs that are still produced by the moroccan craftsmen.

There is the widely spread envelope model, for ladies as well as gentlemen.  Using genuine leather dyed with natural vegetable pigments in Fez and Marakech, these wallets and then embossed by hand with a variety of fun designs reminiscent of Morocco. These wallets exist in many olors, so little girls and women adore having them!

The Heritage style of Wallet, available in different colors for both men and women, allow to keep your cards and cash organized It is a simple yet sophisticated wallet features a chic, texture-coated canvas highlighted with leather trim and opens to reveal 6 card slots and numerous organizational pockets.


There is the leather change purse, a traditional square shape with golden patterns on top, it is opened by pulling on the sides and closed by dropping. A handy wallet and fits easily in your pocket or in your bag.

Moroccan craftsmen keep using the traditional designs of wallets, but are also very creative. We find, along with the classical models, a production of modern and elegant leather wallets, using the traditional way of tanning and stitching, which make them unique.

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