Leather industry provides 35 thousand jobs in Morocco

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Leather industry provides 35 thousand jobs in Morocco

Morocco is seeking to restructure leather industry, which has suffered in recent years from import competition and declining of external demand, especially after the economic crisis, which affected Europe.

Morocco has announced a plan to allow the leather sector to provide 35 thousand jobs and achieve $ 550 million of export over the next five years.

Morocco looks through the plan unveiled Thursday 11th February in Rabat, to modernize the industry of shoes, leather, leather clothing and tannery to reach $750 million of turnover, and an added value of $ 270 million.

The sector is expected to create 35 thousand jobs by 2020, including about 620 engineers and 2465 technicians, and 31.91 thousand of workers.

These goals formed the subject of agreements signed between the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Investment and the digital economy, and the head of the leather industry federation, representing the interests of professionals in the footwear, leather, clothing and leather tanning industry.

The Government is committed to contracts entered into with the professionals, to provide assistance to companies, up to 30% of the volume of investments and the provision of land amounting to hectares, and facilitate access to loans from banks.

According to the minister of Industry and Investment and the digital economy, the government aims also to help small businesses, and focus on the formation of human resources in this sector.

The sector contains 295 industrial units, provides 21 thousand jobs, while the number of sales up $ 470 million, with an added value of $ 100 million, while half of the production units in the sector moving towards export,


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