A land of a thousand shades

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A land of a thousand shades

If Morocco is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world is that it has a natural and cultural heritage is exceptionally rich and spectacular.

Morocco will never offer the same face. A land of a thousand shades. A chromatic range mainly dominated by green, red, blue, ocher and white.
Colors that convey the meaning, history, culture and the environment and act on our imaginary.

Moroccan industries of leather and textiles are inspired by their environment and handle the colors of Morocco with elegance and creativity. From handwoven bed blankets to leather accessories, from classic to modern models, one feels a sudden radiation produced by a successful combination of live and vibrant colors, designed by imagination of the creative craftsman, and produced by its engineering hands, with passion and love.

Have a look to Moroccan Corridor leather Collection and Moroccan Corridor handwoven Blankets to enjoy the way colors are manipulated by Moroccan Corridor craftsmen.

Have a look! Be inspired by colors of Morocco.

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