A land of a thousand shades: The blue - get inspired by Chefchaouen (3)

Chefchaouen, the muse of painters and photographers, the Moroccan sapphire

The first thing most displayed on the walls of this fortress are e shades of blue stretching over all the walls: azurin, electrical, lozenge ... A choreography of colors reminiscent of the sky or the ocean and enchants you from the first steps

The second most thing displayed on the walls after the majestic color is its artisan blankets and carpets. Made with sheep's wool, hand-woven, they serve as decoration in homes, hotels and guest house. There are also clothes, hats, plates and lamps, all in light industry,

Moroccan Corridor invites you to discover a selection of handwoven blankets made in Chefchaouen from our collection "Handwoven Blankets".


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