The Great Mosque of Tetouan

When moving in the Medina of Tetouan to meet some leather suppliers of Moroccan Corridor, we had a stop by The Great Mosque of Tetouan.

This gorgeous mosque is located in the center of the Medina of the city of Tetouan in northern Morocco.

The Great Mosque was built on the ruins of an old mosque built in 1808 by Moulay Sulayman, an important sultan of the time.

This mosque is Alawite type, and has a large U-shaped patio surrounded by different arcs that separate the prayer hall of the other rooms. The structure of the roof is wooden, combined with red tiles.

The Mosque has a beautiful minaret decorated with mosaics of Tetouan. The minaret can be seen anywhere in the Medina, as it is very high in height. It’s really worth a visit.

Our next stop will be at the workshop of one of Morocan Corridor leather suppliers who is proving some models of Moroccan Corridor leather bags Collection.

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