Chefchaouen - the haven of handwoven blankets

Chefchaouen, a city wearing the blue of the sky throughout the year, is a gate to the world of creative art and imagination, where Chaouni craftsmen’s fingertips could weave the most beautiful paintings.

Chefchaouen, a blue charming place far north of Morocco, topping the Rif Mountains, was founded by the Muslims of Andalusia who had left Spain in 1471, and remained impregnable fortress resisted crawl Portuguese. Today it’s a touristic city carrying the beauty of the sky color.

The proximity of the sky, makes the city a cold one, and makes their children innovate in weave blankets and covers, Men's Jilbabs, Women's aprons of wool, ...

Each Chefchaouni gets the spirit of art and creativity, he can weave wool in bright colors and geometric patterns.

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